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Children and Teens love iTeacher! Why? Because we help them…

  • Learn English
  • Prepare for their exams (Cambridge,Trinity, etc.)
  • Assist them with their homework

Lessons include activities which make learning English fun. Your iTeacher uses videos, blogs, songs and real life situations to help build confidence. Topics include: Friends, Family, School, Hobbies, Sports, Shopping, Entertainment, Current events, and more! Your iTeacher can help you with Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, and grammar.


Your iTeacher will work with you to create a timetable that suits you. Our students usually have between 1-3 lessons a week depending on their needs and goals.

Our Main Teachers

Teaching English is my passion. I've helped students of all ages and levels learn English to achieve their goals. I'm ready to help you!

Hello, my name’s Elizabeth and I’m Canadian. I’m patient so don’t worry if you don’t understand immediately. It’s no problem!

Price : 35 $

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